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Recycle, Reuse Safety Products Via PIP, Terracycle Program

Protective Industrial Products (PIP), in collaboration with TerraCycle, now provides an easy way to collect and recycle PPE products. 

Whether those PPE products are earplugs, gloves or eyewear used at a jobsite, home or manufacturing plant, TerraCycle turns those pieces into raw material that become new products for a variety of uses. By recycling old PPE, millions of pounds of waste do not end up in landfills.

There are four steps to the recycling system:

  1. Order the correct waste collection box for the type of PPE waste.
  2. Collect used PPE in designated containers.
  3. Ship the waste when the box is full to the TerraCycle facility.
  4. Waste is sorted, treated, and transformed into raw material for new products. A receipt and certificate of recycling can be obtained via www.tcrwusa.com.

The following Easypak recycling boxes correspond to various PPE waste:

510-3100Disposable Gloves - Zero Waste Box™. This box is for nitrile rubber gloves; latex rubber gloves; PVC gloves; polyethylene gloves; or vinyl gloves.

510-3165Ear Plugs - Zero Waste Box™. This box is for ear plugs made of PU; ear plugs made of silicone; ear plugs made of foamed PVC; or ear plugs made of latex rubber.

510-3210Safety Equipment and Protective Gear - Zero Waste Box™.  This box is for beard nets; disposable (latex, nitrile and vinyl) gloves; ear plugs; non-woven disposable garments; non-woven disposable masks; non-woven hair nets; or safety glasses and goggles.

510-3230Seamless Knit Gloves - Zero Waste Box™*.  This box is for Seamless knit uncoated gloves or seamless knit-coated gloves.

Each Easypak recycling box holds approximately 40 lbs of waste, of which none can contain metal or steel.

For more information about where to obtain TerraCycle PPE waste recycling boxes, contact (800) 262-5755 or www.pipusa.com.