A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Town Halls & Talent Pipeline Management

First Dibs on Talent Pipeline Management Town Hall Registration is open and you aren’t booked yet? We will be hosting the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation alongside UpSkill Houston to discuss the best practices for building sustainable talent pipelines and we are doing it on the Forum Stairs at the ION Innovation Building. If that isn’t enough there will be a networking happy hour after the event to catch up with your C3 friends and make a few new ones.

Not convinced you need to be in attendance then let me give you a brief download on sustainability in talent pipelines. First two facts about our talent history in construction.

First, we haven’t had enough entry of workforce to cover the gap left by the departing workforce (1 incoming for every 4 outgoing). Second, we don’t collaborate.

The town hall we are going to host is all about fixing collaboration for top talent across our industry to focus on what we do best and what our partners do best. Here’s an example from the entertainment of how companies can collaborate to do the parts they do best providing each with financial gain alongside the ability to conduct business in their specific wheelhouse. Bad Robot is great at making TV shows, movies, and video games. Warner Bros. excels at marketing TV shows, movies, and video games to bring them to market. Through a collaborative approach, each company can thrive more easily because they aren’t struggling to do the things that aren’t their wheelhouse.

When you join us on June 12th you will find out how we can partner with educational systems, community, and economic partners, and each other to ensure that our supply matches our demand and that quality candidates are available for the industry.

I know you won’t miss out on learning, networking, and leading the industry forward but get your tickets soon there is a cap on how many can attend and I wouldn’t want you to miss it for anything!

C3 Town Hall – Sustainable Talent Pipelines
June 12, 2024, 3:00- 5:00 PM
Tickets are available on our website.