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Westover Hills Baptist Hospital - San Antonio, TX

The Baptist Health System originated in 1903 when 30 physician members of the Bexar County Medical Society joined them with more than two dozen business professionals. This group of people helped contribute to the organization of the San Antonio Associated Charities. As the Baptist Health System grew, so did the range of healthcare services they provided. Following this, over 100 years later, the Baptist Health Care System started to have acute care hospitals, urgent care clinics, imaging centers and free-standing emergency departments, in effort “to help people achieve health for life through compassionate service inspired by faith.” With that commitment being at the forefront of everything Baptist Health Systems does, they are excited to announce the arrival of their new location that is being planted in the Westover Hills community, on the West Side of San Antonio, Texas. Westover Hills Baptist Hospital will occupy 72 acres of land, including medical office buildings, an ambulatory surgical center, and an acute care hospital, with the potential for additional medical and retail facilities in the future.


Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing installed 108,000 square feet of Carlisle’s Tan TPO 115mil Fleeceback Membrane across six different roof levels. Our crews utilized 1,230 gallons of FlexFast Adhesive to install the membrane to Lightweight Insulating Concrete, dispensing the material using our Pace Carts. Our Sheet Metal crews installed 2,779 linear feet of Chamberlin Fabricated flashing & trim along the building envelope’s perimeter, including 35 custom-fabricated Scupper Cover Plates. They also installed 4,400 linear feet of Chamberlin fabricated Coping and 350 linear feet of Chamberlin Fabricated Edge Metal. Chamberlin used the following suppliers for production: ABC Building Supply and Pac Clad Petersen Aluminum.

Scheduling & Teamwork

Scheduling is a critical aspect of Chamberlin's operations. The company recognizes the importance of delivering projects on time and within budget. To achieve this, Chamberlin employs sophisticated scheduling tools and techniques to plan and coordinate all aspects of its projects. By carefully mapping out project timelines, resource allocation, and task dependencies, Chamberlin ensures that its teams are able to work efficiently and effectively, minimizing delays and optimizing productivity.

At Westover Baptist, scheduling took place on two different levels. To start each day off, we have daily huddles, these are held at General Contractor Robins Morton’s trailer. These were held with all trades to ensure all scheduling & logistical conflicts were solved early in the day, to help uphold the strongest communication possible. Our foreman, Sergio Rodriguez, performed excellently at this task. His efforts in coordination and conflict resolution ensured both Chamberlin and the client significantly reduced wasted hours and material on the job. Our crew leadership established the right reputation with that client, and we’ve heard nothing but compliments on their performance. Our work additionally allowed our client to dry-in their building in a sequential manner, which in turn allowed the remaining trades the opportunity to begin their work sooner. Our crew’s hard work allowed the client to start the other trades by a combined total of three weeks ahead of schedule.

Safety is Key

Safety is the key to everything we do at Chamberlin, no matter how big or small. The company's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety reflects our dedication to protecting everyone and everything at the project site. The ways we prioritize safety include, but aren’t limited to compliance with regulation, comprehensive safety training, implementation of safety protocols, collaborative safety planning and emphasizing safety at every stage of the project to maintain consistency. 

We ensured strict adherence to all relevant safety regulations and standards set forth by OSHA. By staying updated on the latest safety requirements and guidelines, Chamberlin proactively implemented measures to mitigate potential hazards and create a safe working environment for its personnel. Prior to commencing work at the hospital, Chamberlin provided thorough safety training to all employees involved in the project. This training encompassed best practices for pace carts, heat-welding, all types of fall protection, jobsite safety, and specialty conditions. By equipping its workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills, Chamberlin aimed to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. This knowledge came into play when our team discovered that several roof levels lacked enough tie-off points to efficiently complete the work. Our foreman & superintendent planned ahead, and consistently coordinated with the central crane for mobile fall-protection carts at each stage of work. Their determination ensured that every Chamberlin employee had every safety precaution in place, which allowed our crews to install a safe, leak-free job productively.  

Chamberlin also established stringent safety protocols specific to the hospital project. This included the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), fall protection systems, and regular safety inspections to identify and address potential hazards. The company also promoted a culture of safety awareness, encouraging employees to report any safety concerns and actively participate in maintaining a secure work environment. We also engaged in collaborative safety planning with other contractors and stakeholders involved in the hospital project. By coordinating safety efforts across the construction site, Chamberlin contributed to a cohesive approach to risk management, ensuring that safety considerations were integrated into the overall project plan. By emphasizing safety at every stage of the Westover Hills Baptist Hospital project, Chamberlin demonstrated its unwavering commitment to protecting both its workforce and the integrity of the construction site. Our proactive safety measures have not only contributed to the completion of the project but has also reinforced our reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious industry leader.

Quality Control 

Our QAQC team performed excellently out at Westover Hills. Chamberlin performed their own quality control inspections to be proactive and meet the owner’s needs. With that, every job walk was performed with a meticulous eye towards detail, and each generated report ensured quality installation the first time. It was important to our team that we conducted thorough quality inspections at key milestones throughout the entire project. These inspections encompassed detailed assessments of workmanship, material integrity, waterproofing effectiveness and compliance with design specifics.

Deliver More

Our unique roll is performing as the subject-matter expert for our client and saving the client both time & money at every opportunity. The resources that Chamberlin brought to this project delivered more to our client than any other subcontractor could. Our ability to leverage Chamberlin’s network of knowledge, expertise, experience, and connections will always be the most unique product we can deliver to our clients. We did this by successfully substituting Chamberlin-fabricated coping in lieu of the pre-fabricated Coping that would have been used otherwise. Our proposal has allowed our subcontractor to save tremendously on time and money, since Chamberlin is able to measure, fabricate, and install coping in stages.

Chamberlin strives to deliver more to our clients in every way that we can. By delivering more quality for a lower price to at Westover Hills Baptist, the client was able to stay ahead of schedule, due to the flexibility we were able to provide them with. Westover Hill Baptist Hospital was a success and we look forward to seeing the hospital transform into everything they are planning for it to be.