So, you’re a regular reader of Construction Citizen and you’re thinking, “I already have 141 ideas for solving the construction industry’s labor shortage!”

Stick with me because not only am I going give you 141 hot-off-the-press ideas that our local leaders recently developed; I’m also going to share one big idea that I believe will solve this Gordian Knot once and for all.  I’m going to present the idea here on Construction Citizen, then I hope to continually report on progress in the months and years ahead.

We are fortunate here in Atlanta to be easing out of the Great Recession.  Tower cranes are returning to our skyline.  There’s a buzz in our city about not one, but two brand new professional sports stadiums.  The Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves are building new venues, nearly $2 Billion worth of construction, on practically the same three-year schedule, set to open in 2017.

As you might imagine, the concern among local contractors is “where are we going to find the workers to handle all of this new construction?”   Read more » about 141 Ideas for Solving the Construction Industry’s Labor Shortage

There is a myth in our culture that all high school graduates must attend college.  This is a topic that gets introduced to them in middle school and then pounded into them once they reach high school.  This is a problem that needs to be addressed.  Schools are not talking to students about the other options that are out there, and this leaves them in the dark over other respectable vocational or employment opportunities.  As a society, it is our responsibility along with the schools’ educators to recognize our children's strong and weak points and steer them in the direction that best suits their abilities.

Our world would not be a better place if all of us were to become white collar professionals.   Read more » about The Value of Vocational School

Around the country, more local and state leaders are starting to understand that there has to be a proactive approach to dealing with the impending labor shortfall.  The shortage is already starting to hit some builders and other businesses in Texas, and it will only get worse if current trends hold.

In Georgia, they’ve started a program to address this called Go Build Georgia.  It includes big-time promotion from big-name talent: Mike Rowe of Mike Rowe Works and Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs”.  State and industry leaders are working together with educators to try to get kids excited about the idea of a career in the skilled trades.

Governor Nathan Deal’s office put together some statistics that are truly alarming, including:   Read more » about Is “Go Build Georgia” a Model for the Nation?

Last year I reported that Go Build has its roots in Alabama.  On January 17, 2012, Governor Nathan Deal announced the launch of the Go Build Georgia initiative.  The goal of the initiative is to address the shortage of workers for skilled trades.  Like Go Build Alabama, the initiative will focus on public outreach to educate the citizens of Georgia on the availability of career opportunities that exist today in construction.   In the following video, Governor Deal introduces the initiative.  He states:

“Everyone knows that this is a difficult job market, but not as many know that Georgia is projected to create approximately 16,500 openings in skilled trades in the next year alone.  Go Build is about providing Georgians with the training that they need to fill these positions.”   Read more » about Go Build Takes on Georgia