I have recently come across a couple of interesting viewpoints on the world of work.

First, there is a new book authored by Susan Cain entitled Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking.  In it she talks about being an introvert and how she has learned to cope with the extroverted world we live in.  She states that somewhere between 30% and 50% of the workforce are introverts who make enormous contributions to the world as we know it.  But, she explains how the current emphasis on extroverts has created education and working environments that do not provide for privacy or time to think for the introverts of the world.

This phenomenon, illustrated by Cain in her presentation to a TED 2012 group, can be found even in Read more » about Collaborate or Work Alone?

In a recent talk at the TEDx session in Istanbul, futurist Thomas Frey introduced the audience to some major changes heading our way that will eliminate 2 billion jobs by 2030 as we know them today.  He illustrates his scenarios and also speaks to new careers that will grow during the same period.

Frey is the author of Communicating with the Future, is a well known speaker on future issues, and is Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, a non-profit futurist think tank in Colorado.   At the TEDx conference, he presented his thoughts about driverless cars and trucks such as the ones we have talked about, as well as several other changes that will eliminate many job categories by 2030.   Read more » about Futurist Predicts That Upcoming Changes Will Eliminate Two Billion Jobs By 2030

The following viewpoint was offered by Mike M., a 24-year-old intern who supports the ConstructionCitizen blog.

The painful truth is that the vast majority of Americans are dangerously oblivious to the decisions being made in Congress; before yesterday's organized blackout of hundreds of the most popular websites across the Internet, I only knew one or two people who had ever heard of SOPA or PIPA.  Even now, most of those who are aware lack a true understanding of the provisions of these two bills, bills that are being sold to the public as “protection for intellectual property rights”, but are in reality the beginning of something far more dangerous: the regulation and censorship of the Internet itself.

The authors of these bills claim that the bills are designed with the sole objective of preventing the mass-downloading of music and movies that is allegedly hurting the entertainment business.  I say “allegedly” because the theory that every downloaded album is one less sold is ludicrous, and media companies still seem to be doing just fine for themselves.  Videndi, the corporation that owns Universal Music Group, posted $2.2 billion in pure profit for 2010, just to name one example.   Read more » about What’s this SOPA Thing I Keep Hearing About?