Blogs posted over the past few years about the construction at the site of the WTC in New York. Many of these contain video of the construction in action.

One of the construction companies involved in building One World Trade Center has struck a deal with federal prosecutors to pay out $20 million after an alleged overbilling scheme was uncovered.

The government accused Tishman Construction, a unit of Aecom, of improperly billing clients on projects including One World Trade Center as well as the Plaza Hotel in New York. Tishman overbilled clients by fraudulently adding one to two hours of unworked or unnecessary "guaranteed" overtime pay per day to time sheets for labor foremen, according to prosecutors.

Reuters reported the details:

“Through a systemic practice, Tishman Construction bilked its clients by charging them for unworked time and at rates higher than those bargained for by their clients," Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers said in a statement.

John Gallagher, a spokesman for Tishman, said the company fully cooperated with the investigation.

The settlement, reported by Reuters, follows similar accords with construction companies in recent years over alleged fraudulent billing practices on projects in New York City.   Read more » about Construction Company to Pay $20 Million Settlement in One World Trade Center Overtime Scam

A video produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein of Eyepop Productions, Inc., shares the story of boat captains and crewmen who worked together fourteen years ago today to rescue people from lower Manhattan following the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers.  Narrated by Tom Hanks, the video includes interviews with captains and crew members of public and private boats who answered the radio call from the Coast Guard to evacuate people off of the island when hundreds of thousands of people ran south as they fled the area of the fallen towers.

The idea to organize the evacuation came when US Coast Guard Commander Michael Day witnessed a small boat becoming so overloaded with people fleeing the island that he feared it might tip over.   Read more » about The Great Boatlift of Nine Eleven [VIDEO]

Last week, the New York Times posted an incredible time-lapse video of the industrial growth of New York City from the view of the newly opened Freedom Tower. The panoramic video will play on the five One World Observatory elevators, which is set to open the end of May this year.

There was some debate between Legends Hospitality, the operators of the observatory, and Port Authority and Durst Organization, the developers of the tower, on whether or not to show the rise and fall of the Twin Towers, primarily the North Tower.    Read more » about Time-Lapse Rocket Ride to Trade Center’s Top

New York City has one of the most recognizable skylines in the world. Its record breaking number of towering buildings packed tightly together are like no other major city. While they may no longer be the tallest in the world, their architectural feats have shaped the design and construction of today’s skyscrapers. They are a daily background to the famous hustle and bustle of New York City life. The iconic yellow taxi cabs navigate the city, while world leaders in finance, technology, entertainment, and fashion commute to work. 

Jessica Minh Anh, entrepreneur and model, has highlighted some of the world’s most famous buildings and structures with fashion. Teaming together with some of today’s most haute couture designers, she has used these renowned wonders as a catwalk. In the past, she has soared above the streets of Paris on the Eiffel Tower, promenaded over the London Tower Bridge, and cruised the Costa Atlantica in Dubai. In 2014, she walked the 63rd floor of the new One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower, in New York City.

Thursday, she returned to the Big Apple with models and designers to walk the Hudson River, using the beautiful New York City skyline as a background.    Read more » about Jessica Minh Anh Turns the Hudson Into a Floating Catwalk with NYC's Iconic Construction Masterpieces as the Backdrop

You are looking at the first ever fashion shot taken on the 63rd floor of the new One World Trade Center.  The girl in the picture, who produces the most iconic catwalks on earth, is about to turn America’s tallest building into a fashion destination on June 25th, 2014.  Overlooking New York’s famous skyline at sunset, Jessica Minh Anh’s multiculural Summer Fashion Show will celebrate the strength of the new generation.

The model turned entrepreneur will bring together an exquisite combination of Haute Couture, high end Ready-to-Wear, and active wear collections from different continents.  Similar to her previous sky-high catwalks, there will be a creative mix of simplicity and sophistication with a burst of colors, textures and dramatic flair.  The current lineup includes Lebanese celebrity designer Ziad Nakad, Peruvian artist and public figure Norka Peralta, Spanish sensation Diego Cortizas of Chula, Indonesian lifestyle brand HAY UNITED, America’s very own accessory brand Cat Footwear, Russian talent Alina German, Brazilian jeweler Cristina Sabatini, and the Philippines’ pride Puey Quiñones.   Read more » about Jessica Minh Anh to Host the First Fashion Phenomenon at One World Trade Center

Yesterday the National September 11 Memorial and Museum was opened with a dedication ceremony at the site where the World Trade Center towers were attacked in 2001.  Family members of the victims, survivors, first responders, community members, and elected officials including President Obama gathered to honor those who lost their lives that day.

But even though the somber ceremony brought many sad memories back to the forefront of our minds, the day was also a celebration of America’s resilience and determination to rebuild and remain strong.  In this spirit,  has released the amazing 2½ minute video below which shows the construction of this memorial including that of the two pools which mark the spots where the Twin Towers once stood. Read more » about Ten-Year Time-Lapse Photography of the 9/11 Memorial [VIDEO]

We have been writing about the critical need for controlling security on your jobsite to prevent possible injuries, to track materials, to avoid tool theft, and in the case of the new One World Trade Center building, to protect the construction sites from falling prey to possible terrorism.  This issue is front page again.

CBS New York reported that the newly appointed head of security at the One WTC construction site, former FBI field agent David Velazquez, is taking the fall for recent the security breaches even though the first reported one took place before he had taken over his position.
The Velazquez resignation came on the heels of the disclosure that on September 30 of last year, four thrill-seeking BASE jumpers entered the site through a hole in the security fence, climbed the 104 stories to the top of the building, and then jumped in a stunt that would make GoPro proud.

This major breach was not disclosed until six months after it happened and only after a second breach by teenager Justin Casquejo, age 16, of Weehawken, NJ just a week ago.   Read more » about One World Trade Center Security Breached Again

Wow!  A friend forwarded the following pictures of the new World Trade Center to me.  The view is spectacular to say the least, but this is really hard work.  Volunteers?

Read more » about Amazing Images of One World Trade Center