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Craft Professional Spotlight: Advancing a Career Through Experience and Education

Editor’s note: This is the second article in a series which will span three generations of craft workers who have enhanced career opportunities for themselves and others through participation in the workforce development program at Jacobs.

Mason Sloan, Pipefitter Foreman at Jacobs, currently works on a refinery project in Baytown, Texas.  After graduating from high school, Sloan began working for an emissions company where he executed shutdowns as a boilermaker and a pipefitter helper.  He worked hard and showed an interest in learning new skills – working his way up to testing and monitoring emissions leaks where he tightened and replaced valves, unions, and plugs.

After working a few years as a helper, he learned that Jacobs sponsors their employees in continued education, so Sloan came to work for Jacobs 6½ years ago where he could further his training.  Jacobs supported Sloan’s studies in pipefitting at Lee College, and in Electrical at San Jacinto College Central.  He also participated in Jacobs’ Leadership Development Program, and plans to become Multi-Craft Certified.  So far, Sloan has earned the following NCCER certificates:

NCCER Certified Plus:

  • Industrial Boilermaker - Maintenance

NCCER Written Verified:

  • Industrial Pipefitter

NCCER Training Completions:

  • Core Curriculum
  • Pipefitting Curriculum Levels 1-4
  • Fundamentals of Crew Leadership
  • Construction Site Safety Orientation

Sloan was featured in Jacobs' internal publication, Craft Employee Spotlight, in which he was asked what his greatest achievement has been while working for Jacobs.  Sloan is proud of graduating from the Pipefitting program and passing the NCCER Assessments, and of becoming a supervisor.  He said, “I happen to supervise many guys that are older than me who actually have more experience. I was able to do that by putting in a lot of hard work which was clear to my supervisors.”

Sloan stated that he really enjoys working with the people at Jacobs.  He noted that his supervisor provides care and attention to his team “beyond just work” – taking an interest in the families of the crew.  Sloan is often reminded of the saying “If you like what you do you never work a day in your life.”

When asked what advice he would give to someone considering a career in construction, Sloan stated:

“First, common-sense is very important.  There’s a lot of money to be made in the construction industry, and like anything, you must be willing to work for it.  Second, knowing the kind of person you are, along with your abilities, will guide you to the starting point of your career path.  There’s plenty of work in the construction industry:  learn your craft well, and there are endless opportunities to where you can live and work.”

Sloan defines “craftsmanship” as “having a sense of pride in your work and not taking the short way around.”  He says that if you stand up for your own work, people will see your craftsmanship, and will remember you.

Sloan dreams of working his way up to becoming a Site Manager one day.