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STI Firestop Products Solve Industry Dilemmas

At some point in construction jobs, firestopping must be addressed. Although it is generally a fairly defined process, there are now multiple ways to firestop, and newer-generation products have been developed with particular contractors in mind. STI Firestop brings an array of firestopping products to the market and modern firestopping technology that combine and provide compliance and flexibility.

The average contractor knows the necessity of sealing penetrations using firestop caulks and sealants. However, newer products such as those designed by STI Firestop are made specifically for cabling contractors. The newer products enable maximum flexibility for pulling cable while also meeting firestopping code requirements. Prefabricated cable sleeves, which comprise metal sleeves matched to the dimensions of a similar-sized conduit are commercially available but require an installer to properly install putty into each end of the sleeve.

 STI Firestop, however, offers fire-rated pathway devices that do away with some of the additional compliance steps and are zero-maintenance solutions. 

Instead of requiring putty to be installed in each end of the sleeve to a required depth and at each cable move, addition, or change, the fire-rated pathway devices are engineered with the sealing system integrated into them. It thereby resolves the possibility of being removed or forgotten.

Pathway products that do not require additional steps to maintain compliance are known as zero-maintenance solutions. A zero-maintenance solution should not require any action to activate the fire and smoke protective functions of the device. 

The advantage to these products is that the cabling contractor can focus on pulling cable without the additional steps of ensuring for fire and smoke protection. Ultimately, these prefabricated cable sleeve kits and fire-rated pathways eliminate the guesswork of firestopping.

An Evaluation Service Report (ESR)* on May 20, 2016 by UL® for EZ Path® Fire-Rated Pathway, confirms that, when properly installedEZ Path® Pathways are exempt from ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, according to STI Firestop, since EZ Path® has no moving parts and requires no action to activate the internal sealing mechanism- it is the only rated-firestop device that is compliant right out of the box.

Therefore, STI Firestop’s EZ Path® offers the ultimate in flexibility and nearly eliminates possible fines from non-compliance, ultimately increasing savings over and over.

EZ Path®:

  • Ends downstream maintenance and inspection costs
  • Eliminates ongoing fire and smoke sealing costs
  • Allows remote cable pulls through multiple barriers
  • Reduces unnecessary trips above the ceiling
  • Limits liability and decreases exposure to pathogens

To buy any STI Firestop firestopping products, please contact a UT&F showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665.